Link Fitness provides encouragement to live a Healthier Lifestyle. You may signup to be a client, but become a member of our Wellness Family. Not only do we coach and guide one another, the fellow members become part of our team and a source of inspiration. It is an intertwined bond of Family, Friends, and Fitness.





Link Fitness believes to succeed in our wellness journey, effort is instrumental.  The measure of discipline will determine the speed of results. It is with that personal challenge you will get to the physical change.  Every expert was once a novice, so we encourage you to start as it can only lead to you being great.  The path to your goal may not be easy but there is a sense of achievement and pride in earning it.


Link Fitness vows to never give up on you.  For we will do everything in our power to help you obtain your goal.  You will not be turned away because of financial hardship. We operate in a judgment free zone to facilitate your comfort.  We promise you progress.


I am Kimora Link and I am a Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Strength Trainer, CEO  & Founder of Link Fitness, and Link Kids 2 Fitness. I am a certified personal trainer that utilizes passions for fitness and interests in inspiring better nutritional habits to serve my community.  It is my desire to help others.  I am determined to provide affordable fitness, devoted in the battle against obesity and dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle.

  • ChrisChristopher

    Such infectious love and dedication.

    MY LINK TO FITNESS  starts & ends with LINK! It all started last summer. I stumbled upon Link's Boot Camp at Riverbank State Park - and I've been coming back ever since. Link is a dedicated health & fitness expert. He cares about people. I've seen amazing changes in the fitness community that he's created with Link Fitness Boot Camp. My strength & endurance improves with each class, I can't get enough! Looking forward to more great classes!"
  • sueSuleidyh



    Everybody questions me "How did you loss the weight?" (45lbs ) in less than 3 months. Thank you for not helping my only reach my goals but for your supposrt and motivation as well! Always believeing and going that extra mile. It's a satisfaction to know Link never gave up on me even when I wanted to. Love you dealy."

  • VanessaVanessa



    Link is one of the most humble people I've ever met. His sole purpose is to help people reach their health/fitness goals and expects nothing but results in return. No matter how far you live or how little money you have, he will help find a way to get your goals accomplished. Link is the best thing that happened to this community. If you''re not already on board, then you better get on this Link Fitness express train cause we ain't stopping till we had enough"

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